Scott Jacobs - Harley davidson Art

All prints are framed, registered, signed, and numbered with a certificate of authenticity.

Harley Art Scott Jacobs - Head to Head

Head to Head

Giclee on Canvas

36 Oversize, 60 Med

Harley Art Scott Jacobs - Pinball Wizard

Pinball Wizard

Giclee on Canvas

100 Full-scale

Harley Art Scott Jacobs - Caught in a Daydream

Caught in a Daydream

Giclee (med paper)

27" x 20"

Harley Art Scott Jacobs - Ride like the Wind

Ride Like the Wind

MM (paper)

22" x 30"


Harley Art Scott Jacobs - The Real Deal

The Real Deal

Giclee on Canvas

Harley Davidson Art Scott Jacobs - Ultimate Champion

Ultimate Champion

Lithograph (canvas)

30" x 22"


Harley Davidson Art Scott Jacobs - Shaken not Stirred

Shaken. Not Stirred.

Giclee on Canvas

32" x 19"

Harley Davidson Art Scott Jacobs - After the Ride

After the Ride

Giclee on Canvas

29" x 20"

Harley Davidson Art Scott Jacobs - Panacea Study

Panacea Study

Giclee on Canvas

Edition Size : 100 Full Scale

Harley Davidson Art Scott Jacobs - 1956 Panhead

1956 Panhead

Giclee on Canvas

115 Med

Harley Davidson Art Scott Jacobs - At Your Service

At your Service

MM (paper)

22 1/2" x 29"

Scott Jacobs' work is remarkable for its photo realistic excellence. Licensed by Harley Davidson, Scott's motorcycle work has been featured in VQ magazine, American Iron, Art Business News, Easy Rider Magazine, Forbes newspapers and a host of other national publications, making Jacobs one of the very few of today's most sought after artists. His work sells throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia.

His work has been shown at the annual Art Expos in New York and Los Angeles, galleries throughout the world and currently hangs in museums. Scott has elevated motorcycle art to an unprecedented level.